Best Hot Rolled Coil to Supply

Hot rolled coil is a type of metal sheet that is wound in the form of a roll and its width is greater than its thickness. This metal is ideal for pre-engineered walls, agricultural roof panels and architectural building panels. It is also ideal for automobiles, shipbuilding, chemicals and petrochemicals and power stations.

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Best Hot Rolled Coil to Supply

What Is Hot Rolled Coils?

What Is Hot Rolled Coils? Based on the experience gained over the years, steel coils are classified into hot and cold rolled, stainless steel coil, carbon coil, galvanized steel coil and cold rolled coil according to international standards before Turning to the topic of headers, we need to make an important point about the coil production process for you.

Steel coil production process
The steel is initially produced in the form of a slab, which is rolled using a roller, which converts the slab into a non-rolled coil. These wide coils are typically made to a width of about 1250 mm (sometimes slightly wider). Are split, processed. After cutting, it is mentioned by different names such as strip coils, slotted coils, bent or simple belts.
Steel coils are products with a width of at least 600 mm and a thickness of about 1.5 to 25 mm. Steel coils produced in a rolling mill weigh up to 45 tons. Steel coils are often processed through cutting lines in belts or thin sheets (cross-section). Some roll making equipment is also able to roll the entire coil as a raw material. Steel coils and their processed products usually meet high expectations in terms of product quality, dimensional accuracy and surface properties. For example, most consumers of steel coils are in the automotive industry.

Hot rolled coil
It is produced from semi-finished products that are reduced to certain thicknesses by rolling and annealing and are wrapped in rolls. Hot rolled steel is used to make steel pipes, doors and tanks. This type of coil consists of rolling steel above its recrystallization temperature, usually around 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. The oxide layer created is removed by mechanical or chemical methods or a combination of both. Oil can be used to prevent corrosion of the metal. The typical thickness of this type of coils is between 2-7 mm and the normal width is between 600-2100 mm.

What Is the Difference between Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled?

What Is the Difference between Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled? Customers often ask us about the difference between hot rolled and cold rolled steel. There are some fundamental differences between the output product of these two types of rolling. In general, the differences between these two types are due to their rolling method and have nothing to do with the product specifications. Hot rolled steel processing involves metal rolling at high temperatures, while the cold rolling steel production process begins after the hot rolling is completed. In this section we want to talk about the difference between great hot rolled coils and cold rolled coils Stay with us until the end of the section.

  • Hot rolling is a polishing process that involves rolling steel at very high temperatures (usually above 925 ° C), even above the recrystallization temperature of the steel. When steel is exposed to temperatures above its recrystallization temperature, it becomes very easy to form. Because hot-rolled steel is usually produced without any delay in the polishing process, it does not require re-heating and is therefore cheaper than cold-rolled steel. When the steel cools, it shrinks and therefore has less control over its size and shape than the final product of cold rolled steel.
  • Cold rolled steel is basically the same as hot rolled steel that has undergone a longer polishing process. In this process, the cooled hot-rolled steel output is processed in a process at room temperature. This results in the production of steel with precise dimensional tolerances and better surface quality. The English word “cold rolled” is mistakenly used for all products, one of the steps of which is cold rolling. While the correct name for this group of products is Rolling or rolling, which is part of a larger process.

Hot Rolled Coil Bulk Price

Hot Rolled Coil Bulk Price As we talked about hot coils, this product is one of the most advantageous products that is used in many factories and various industries are interested in buying this product. One of the most important things that consumers are concerned about is the hot rolled coil price is but there is no need to worry because you can buy this product in bulk and at a reasonable price from us.

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