Cold Rolled Coil Exportation

In principle, cold rolled coil sheet is the same as hot rolled steel sheet, on which only a series of more operations have been performed. This method of rolling is such that the product is placed in low temperature molds where the steel will cool to normal room temperature after annealing. In this method, steel sheets are produced with more precise dimensional tolerances and larger surface ranges. Refined cold steel originally refers to cold rolled products and refers to coiled sheets or sheets that have been mistakenly referred to as finished products.

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Cold Rolled Coil Exportation

What Is Cold Rolled Coil Used For?

What Is Cold Rolled Coil Used For? Due to the smaller size and greater strength of the material (compared to hot rolling), most of the cold rolling is prepared with 4-layer rollers and cluster or satellite. Therefore, cold rolling refers to sheets created by cold rolling and black sheet (hot rolling) refers to sheets produced by hot rolling.In the industry, high-thickness sheets are converted to lower thicknesses by cold rolling, and for this reason, the appearance quality of cold-rolled sheets, including galvanized sheets and oil sheets, is very suitable.

Due to the good appearance quality, most of these sheets are used in appearance-related works. These include the automotive industry, office furniture, home appliances, making all kinds of shelves, making rigid panels, building materials. The most important advantages of galvanized sheet and oiled sheet are called cold sheet. Are against high pressures. In practice, civil engineers use these types of products to make high-strength materials and use less materials.

Cold sheets available in the market, including galvanized and oiled sheets, have a width between 125-100 cm and a thickness of 3-0.3 mm as standard. In general, these sheets are produced in different sizes and their appearance does not change after processing.

Oil sheets are known as cold sheets in commercial markets. The main reason for naming this sheet is its appearance, which distinguishes it from other sheets. These sheets are produced with cold rolling technology and due to protection and prevention of rust, oil is applied on it as a protector to prevent it from rusting when it is delivered to the customer.

What Are the Advantages of Cold Rolling?

What Are the Advantages of Cold Rolling? Oil sheet is the basis for the production of galvanized sheet, which is added to the galvanized coating using various coating methods. Galvanized coating is a coating of zinc metal that prevents corrosion of the sheet. Galvanized sheet in the industry in thicknesses of 5-0.8 mm is produced in factories such as Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan. It is cold.

In other words, knowing the sensitivity to the strain rate of metals is one of the duties of rolling lines, which requires the hard work of the metal and its sensitivity to the strain rate in hot and cold rolling processes.Cold tensile increases the yield point and tensile strength of the product, which eliminates the need for heat treatment.

Rotational rolling eliminates surface defects.

Sanding reduces the main size of the tolerance range.

Polishing improves the surface coating.

All cold rolled products have better surface coverage and have better tolerance, concentration and durability than hot rolled products. Cold rolled rods are usually harder to work with than hot rolled rods because cold rolled rods contain more carbon.

High Quality Cold Rolled Coil in Shops

High Quality Cold Rolled Coil in Shops In general, rolling systems can be divided into two categories: cold rolling and hot rolling, which is briefly explained below. In general, to prepare products with good surface finish and precise dimensions such as galvanized sheets, belts, rods and metal pipes, they are rolled in the cold state.

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