Export Companies of Mild Steel Slab

Export companies of mild steel slabs offer these products in the best samples based on the needs of other industries, and since fortunately there are necessary conditions for the production of these products in the country, the export market of this type of goods is always welcomed. Mild steel is one of the main products of iron and steel companies in Iran, which is provided to the buyer in various ways is increasingly becoming nourished.

Export Companies of Mild Steel Slab

What Is Mild Steel Slab?

What Is Mild Steel Slab?

In the process of steel production in different countries, to be able to turn it into a solid product, designed in different dimensions that can be easily moved and transported, the materials are converted into steel ingots. Now the ingots themselves become different types, of which top mild steel slab is one.

The slab is a semi-finished product of steel that is obtained in a continuous casting process. Slabs are the raw material for flat-rolled products such as hot-rolled sheets or coils. Of course, slabs have a variety of applications in the industry. Special specifications of pure steel slabs:

Its cross-section is rectangular and its thickness is 230 mm. The length of the slabs will be 12 and their width will be 1/25. Slabs are made of carbon steel, But there are also stainless steel products among them. Mild reinforcement slab will be identified by standard codes that are inserted on the slab, including color code and melting number. Pure steel slabs do not have any welds, cracks, shells, or other damage that will hurt the product.

A mild concrete slab like a billet may take many forms in post-production processes, but will eventually retain its rectangular structure. These products are sometimes known in Iranian markets as slabs or strips and will be used in various applications.

How Strong Is Mild Steel?

How Strong Is Mild Steel? The main component of iron is iron ore, a metal that is not much harder than pure copper. Solid iron, like all other metals, is polycrystalline – that is, it is made up of many crystals that join together at their boundaries. A crystal is a regular arrangement of atoms that can best be plotted as spheres that touch each other.

They build networks that penetrate each other in certain ways. For iron, the lattice arrangement can best be seen by a single cube with eight iron atoms in its corners. Iron allotropy means its presence in two crystalline forms is necessary for the uniqueness of this alloy.

As you have heard, one of the most important features of this alloy is its hardness and luster. This compound physically metal has a very high melting point (about 1.510 ° C, higher than most metals, for example at copper it is about 500 ° C lower) and a very high density (7.9 g / cm3).

It is approximately eight times heavier than water. This alloy is generally harder and stronger than its so-called main element, iron. However, it is very flexible and due to its high tensile strength, it can withstand applied loads or forces without losing shape. The tensile strength of different steels is high compared to other materials, but it varies significantly between different types of steels.

Perfect Mild Steel Slab in Shops

Perfect Mild Steel Slab in Shops Slabs manufacturers today produce large quantities of slabs and market them due to the high demand for these products. These manufacturers are trying to use the best and highest quality materials in the production of these products to attract more customers to their products. The top sellers of slabs are active daily and are ready to offer the best products in bulk and part to customers.

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to buy and sell this product is through online ordering. To introduce more of their products to customers, manufacturers have designed sites that customers can refer to and order and purchase their desired slabs at a reasonable price.


  1. Iron and Steel business is very reliant on the way that iron ore is going to be processed, iron mild and steel slabs are very good way to acquire the processed iron ore and make the final product as you are business for

  2. The versatile and vast production techniques and method for transforming the steel slabs post production make them a very popular product in the steel business and a very profitable raw material that can be treated as a capital investment on it’s own

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